140911 Luhan Weibo Update

"I have to apologize to Thailand fans and everyone else. Due to excessive exhaustion over a long period of time, I’ve been having persistent headaches, sleeping problems, and I feel dizzy often. The doctor insisted that I rest for a while. I cannot attend the Thailand concert. I’m really really…

luhan please rest lulu exo

To all the LAVELYs

I’m so sorry to hear about the tragic news of Ladies Code member EunB. My condolences to you. I can’t imagine how it must feel to lose a member of a group that you cherish and support. I wish you all the strength to get through this difficult time.
And I wish for strength for the families of the driver and Eunb and for a swift recovery of the other members.

RIP EunB and the driver (name was not released at the time of this post)

EXO-L member

Ladies Code EunB tragic idol news korean idol tragedy EXO-L lavely

Thank you MATT DAMON! Thank you for using your common sense and for bringing awareness to not only ALS but also the the WATER CRISIS that many people are suffering from and not only people in the developing world!
You have restored my faith in humanity’s common sense!

water crisis drought common sense ALS ice bucket challenge

Anonymous asked:

I dont know i might sound clueless but Kai doesnt give me the gay vibe though. Even kyungsoo is questionable. What made you think they were a gay couple?

The Tumbling Fangirl Answer:


well because the last time i checked straight men don’t look at their friend like they want to eat him alive 


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Actually, GAY is a only a recent term. It is a label that is completely misconstrued by society. Also, the western perception of GAY is attached to mannerisms and gestures that are seen us emasculating the role of men in society. Thus, skinship between men is regarded as GAY. Whereas, in other societies, in this case, particularly east asian societies, many young men and teenage boys are not afraid to use skinship as a form of affection towards a friend. The more we accuse men of being ‘gay’ by using skinship, the more we encourage people to not accept men to be physically affectionate with each other in a platonic relationship. Why is it ok for two female friends to hold hands? Or to sit on each others laps? But not men? While I really don’t mind if Kaisoo ever become a real couple, I think this idea of them being in a relationship based on skinship we see on tv and pictures is just ridiculous.
Besides, if you really pay attention, and not just to your OTP, you’ll realise that Jongin is extremely physically affectionate with not only Kyungsoo, but other members too. AND he loves staring at people. Kyungsoo is just as physically affectionate with other members. I’m not going to search for gifs to prove my point because they’re there, just google other OTPs.

If you were only joking, I do apologise, however, there are other fans who completely misunderstand this concept of skinship.

kaisoo stop this whole gay gay gay based on skinship fangirls exo kpop kai jongin kyungsoo


Do you ever just look at a picture or a gif of your otp and start randomly crying because they’re oh so beautiful together.